The Port of Illahee is a member of the Washington Public Ports Association and is insured through Enduris, the Washington Government Entity Pool.


ABOUT WPPA (from their website: http://washingtonports.org/about-wppa/ )

The Washington Public Ports Association was formed by the Legislature in 1961. WPPA promotes the interests of the port community through effective government relations, ongoing education, and strong advocacy programs.

The port community is proud of its many contributions to our state’s economy and quality of life. You’ll find a wealth of information about ports on our website.

ABOUT ENDURIS (from their website: http://www.enduris.us/home/about-enduris/)


Risk sharing pools were born out of necessity in response to a serious problem that plagues public entities:  lack of affordable insurance. The Washington Governmental Entity Pool (WGEP) was organized in 1987 by four founding members who found liability insurance in the open market either unaffordable or unavailable.

WGEP was established to provide risk financing to its member government entities for liability and property coverage. The Pool’s general objectives are to formulate, develop and administer on behalf of the members, a program of insurance that offers lower costs for broader coverage and comprehensive loss control programs. The Pool transfers its risk by buying reinsurance and excess insurance over the Pool’s self-insured retention.

In 2008, we changed our name to Enduris Washington and updated our brand by adopting a new logo and visual identity. The change is meant to convey our confidence and excitement for the future as we work toward furthering our mission and goals.


Enduris is the premier risk sharing pool for special purpose districts in Washington. We are widely recognized, in Washington and nationwide, as a leader in the risk pooling industry.

We are government risk experts with a passion for service. We provide coverage and risk management solutions that are comprehensive and uncomplicated. Our membership includes over 500 local governments or special purpose districts that “pool” resources to share risk and reduce cost. We provide stability in the midst of uncertainty, allowing members to focus on serving their communities. We are Reliability in a Risky World.

Our Mission

To provide financial protection, broad coverage, and risk management services responsive to members’ needs.

Enduris is a mission-driven organization that:

  • Governs and hires ethical staff who act with integrity
  • Provides quality service in order to build long-term relationships with members
  • Sustains in the face of all challenges
  • Supports excellence
  • Foster communication, mutual trust, and respect