Illahee Issues

The Port of Illahee has at times in its history been involved with community issues, such as recently with Illahee Days and the Illahee Sub-Area Plan.  It has also been concerned about community issues affecting the Port, such as Illahee Creek, the Illahee Creek culvert,  salmon, stormwater surges, the outfall at the base of the dock, the Illahee Store, and other issues over the nearly 100 years of its existence (it was formed in 1922, just 6 years after Illahee was established in 1916).

This website page has been created as a community service to provide historical data on Illahee Issues, past and present.  The Port encourages residents or historians to use this page to document these issues and others for the benefit of present and future generations.


General Illahee Communication Sources (Present and Past)

Illahee Community Updates (2007 to Present) @

Illahee Community Facebook Page (2014 to Present) a closed system available to Illahee residents

Illahee Newsletters (Past) by Audrey Boyer (looking for past copies)

Illahee Newsletters (Past) by Merideth Jones (looking for past copies)


Port of Illahee Information (unofficial)

Port of Illahee hopes to acquire abandoned property

6/1/2017 CK Reporter Article:

8/11/16 Kitsap Sun Article:–389945341.html?d=mobile




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