2018 Resolutions

2018-01 Authorize Commissioner Aho – Illahee Store Purchase


2017 Resolutions

Resolution 2017-01   “Authorization to Proceed with Right-of-Way Contamination Cleanup Plans with Kitsap County, Pending an Illahee Store Purchase”

Resolution 2017-02   “Authorization to Contract for Administrative Services

Resolution 2017-3     “Adoption of the 2018 Final Budget”

Resolution 2017-4      “Levy Revenue Authorization for 2018”

Resolution 2017-5


2016 Resolutions

Resolution 2016-1   “Reimbursement Policy for Stipends and Expenses”

Resolution 2016-2   “Interim Policy for Public Records Act (PRA) Requests”

Resolution 2016-3   “Illahee Property Bid Authorization”

Resolution 2016-4   “Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2010-1”

Resolution 2016-5   “Levy Revenue Authorization for 2017”

Resolution 2016-6   “Authorization to Proceed with the Purchase of the Illahee Store Property Pending: (1) Securing Clear Title; and (2) an Ecology/PLIA Approved Plan for the Cleanup of the Underground Storage Tanks”


2015 Resolutions

Resolution2015-01  “Elimination of Commissioner Districts”

Resolultion2015-02  “Statement in Support of Illahee Preserve’s Expansion Plans”

Resolultion2015-03  “Establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee to Recommend an ADA Accessible Port of Illahee Meeting Space”

2014 Resolutions

Resolultion2014-02  “Resolution Defining the Port of Illahee’s Missions”

2013 Resolutions


2012 Resolutions


2011 Resolutions

Resolution 2011-01 “Mooring Violations”

OrdinanceResolution-1  “District Levy, Budget Year 2012”

RedistrictingResolution2011-03  “Redistricting”

2010 Resolutions

WWRP_GrantsResolution  “Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) Grant”

OrdinanceResolution  “Budget Resolution”

BidResolution2010-03 (1)  “Auctioned Properties Bidding”

2009 Resolutions

2008 Resolutions

2007 Resolutions

2006 Resolutions